Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just like that...

It has been more than a month since I scribbled down something. But it can't be helped. During the festive season blogging also takes a backseat. The pujas were great this time. I enjoyed to the fullest with a very special person. Day by day I'm getting to know him more and yes I think this one is surely gonna click.

If you know someone from the nursery and have remained great buddies till date it definitely becomes easier to understand and adjust. I never had much friends in school but still I would say that you can be yourself with your schoolmates. Since our personalities have developed together it is easier. When you are grown up you have developed your personality, your viewpoint everything. Then being friendly is not that easy. You can have a really good professional relationship. But I must admit that I have a great group in my college.

When you come from a same school and you grow up together there is a common thread in between which binds you to your fellow mates. Somewhere or the other your thinking has the same structure. But when that protective sheath of the school breaks and we step in the outer world we are surprised at the different outlooks of recently known people. But one needs to get accustomed.

I found out that the best way to maintain a professional relationship is to do you work properly and maintain a healthy and stable relationship with your mates; not too distant, not too intimate.. :) :P