Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Be Happy...

      Days go by and I find myself becoming more and more vulnerable. I have become a troubled soul, someone who is afraid of every single thing in life especially happiness. Whenever I'm happy, instead of cherishing the moment I become perturbed and try to cling onto it as long as possible before it goes away. I'm always worried that happiness will not last long but then nothing lasts long. Everything in this world is momentary and everchanging. And I know all these very well since they have been a part of our general education since birth.
               But in recent times I have changed. I have lost the confidence to face the reality, lost the will power to do something new. A different kind of nervousness, fear grasp me whenever I try to undertake any new project. If something goes wrong, may be a little quarrel with a friend, I lose my mental stability until and unless everything comes back to the normal position. And even if it does I don't feel that, always it seems to me that the crack is very much there but most of the time I'm wrong. 
                 I just hope I become strong again, and enjoy the life as it comes instead of being afraid of it. Life is full of colours and it comes only once so it is better i buck up, shed my fears, inhibitions and get ready to take on life and enjoy.