Sunday, September 19, 2010

Black and White

Since the day my new digital camera found its way into my home life has become a bit easy. The reason is that uploading photos is no more a problem now. And no matter how much I criticize people who are upload freak I cant deny the fact I would also love to do the same. But the main problem is that my life is not at all happening. It is boring to death.

I don't visit places where photos if taken would look very appealing and all. I do have a boyfriend( though I don't like the term) but I hardly meet him and when I do I don't carry my digicam along. Even if I carry there should be a third person to capture our 'lovable moments' but there is none. And if there is someone I can never make this request somehow. So life is quite sad. I have a cellphone which captures images pretty well but I don't have a data cable. So you see there is always a problem like a tag.

I've been bowled over by the black and white photos which are in the albums of my every Facebook friends. But as I said in my last post I'm so very technically challenged that since last November I've been trying to bring the sepia mode and all in my camera but in vain. My dad is of no help here because he somehow detests these small digicams. To him camera means SLR. I remember my childhood sundays being wasted learning how to focus by using one of his SLRs. But all his teachings did not have any effect because as soon as I grew up I took the easier path - the common easy digicams.

Today I became very frustrated after trying the zillionth time to convert my camera mode to black and white. So I installed Picasa. I was enjoying exploring it and ecstatic after changing my pics to sepia mode and removing my pimples!! Now my photos can definitely feature in the Fair nd Lovely advertisements.

Still the frustration was there. I thought if every digicam can have those modes why not mine? I checked the price of mine. Umm... quite costly it was. Then I thought that God has certainly deprived me purposely. But then a voice inside me said anyhow I would do it today. And yes finally I've found the way. I became successful but hold on problems never have ending. The battery is not working. I need a new set of batteries right now so that I can practice finding the method again and again. But whatever I'm quite happy. It is rather a boring post but I think I named my blog Freaking Thoughts.. right?

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Blogger

Blogging is the new sensation of the younger generation trying to prove themselves I don't know what. I kind of liked staying aloof from this whole blog thing. There are many reasons for this. First and foremost I'm lazy... Secondly I'm extremely clumsy with computers. It took me months to learn how to operate Facebook but still I'm not an expert. Now this blogging thing posed a serious challenge to my capabilities.

But wanting to join the band wagon is definitely not of shame. So I've started blogging from today and yeah its fun. All credit goes to my friend Sohini Chattopadhyay who patiently gave me directions over the phone to create this blog. I wont be a regular over here I know but would try to take out some time from my famous lazing around and sleeping in order to post my 'freaking thoughts'...........................