Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life of a Teacher

          I do not since when I had the dream of becoming a teacher. But as far as I remember it has been since I could actually think. I never had any other ambition in life than to become a school teacher( I know people might find it pretty stupid...How much money you think you would make?) I wanted to be a teacher of my own school since they inspired to me always. I used to eat, drink and breathe dis ambition. 
          I followed dis dream of mine very diligently and pursued it finally. It has taken an immense amount of patience and hard work as the path was not easy( though it is the 'easiest' job with loads of holidays). There was a time when I had to explain to people why I took up humanities despite having good marks. ( People with good marks must take up science). Next I had to explain why I took up history as there is no future that my well-wishers could foresee and I should have definitely taken up English since it would have secured my future. I began with lots of explanations trying to prove the importance of knowing history and its relevance to the modern world but to my utter dismay I found myself talking to people who are not really conscious of their surroundings. From the next time whenever I came across such questions my blatant reply would be..."I could only get through history as I am not good at anything else and for history you do not need brains."Then I had to explain to people why i did not take up research and join a college(since it is a cakewalk). Teaching in a school can lead me nowhere in life.
      It has been quite a few months since I have joined my own school as a teacher. I learn every day, I commit mistakes and I learn from them. I learn from my students who have so many things to teach me starting from new scientific discoveries to playing red-hand. At times I have a bad day, I get irritated but the moment I enter my classroom my temperament changes. That is what we have been taught in our B.Ed classes. I call my students my children and I feel that i am responsible for their well-being. It is this responsibility which people undermine. They do not recognize the immense pressure that a teacher goes through. But then, I am not here to teach the world.
         I have just began my career and I have a very long way to go. When my children from the previous classes come and tell me that they miss me and my teaching, they meet me at the corridor just to smile at me, it is then I feel that I am on the right track and this is what I want from life.